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Info about and the cheat

Since you are here, reading this now, you already know that is and how to play it. Anyway, if by any chance you are a newbie, just scroll down and read about the game. First, you should know that the game is pretty new and we are working on some new features, so please be patient and check out website regularly to stay up to date on our updates about the hack. This hack is one of the first for the browser game and it certainly the best. Even though the hack is pretty new and still in development, it does some pretty cool things. We managed to hack only a few days after its release!

Tips for using the Hack

First, it is very important to not use this hack with everything to maximum, because it is very hard to play that way. Believe me, when I first tried it, I set up everything on maximum and I lost after 10 seconds, every time. You can try and have a bit of fun with it, see how long you will last, but after a few minutes, it will get boring and that’s when you balance it. Just try different set ups and see what works for you. As of now, there aren’t any accounts or anything, so they can only ban your IP address if they want. Don’t be scared, is a much bigger and more developed game and they don’t care if anyone is cheating. So, at this moment, you can’t get banned however you want to use the hack, but be careful, because you never know when they will decide that they want to weed out the cheaters and ban you forever. There is a solution to this, of course, but I don’t think anybody wants to bother with proxies or VPN software. Speed Hack


The speed hack is the first feature we developed and it all started from there. We had an idea the first time we played and we just went with it. After we did that, the invisibility came into the mix (for which we spent weeks by the way), and the mass boost after that. The speed boost is one of the best features of the Slitherio Hack. But beware, what seems like a good idea, might turn out to be the worst. For example, I suggest you don’t use the speed feature that much because being fast is good and unpredictable for your enemies, but can also cause some unpredictable situations for you and you will end up stumbling onto some huge snake that you can’t escape from. It is good to balance the hack into just a few features and use them moderately. For example, you don’t need the speed feature to be x10, just go with x2 of x5 and you will see what I’m talking about.

Since is not that developed like and it doesn’t have coins, levels, experience, mass boosts and different skins to purchase, so we had to make the best with what we have. was monetized after several months after its release and brought to mobile even after. I think we can expect the same from, but we have to give it time. For now, you have to work with the instant mass boost, speed hack, invisibility etc. Invisibility


The invisibility feature is also one of the best in the game since not only is the most powerful, but it is also the funniest. This is because you pop out of nowhere and place yourself nicely for players to crush into you, but they don’t see you. It’s very funny with giant snakes because they are the most cautionary ones that like to keep their size and don’t get into conflicts, so when you pop out of nowhere, you can only imagine what that person is doing to their computer. I know it sounds evil, but it’s fun. But, don’t worry you will be a victim of this too. More and more players play every day, therefore, more and more people play with the hack. You will sometimes stumble onto an invisible snake, but hey, it’s all for fun. Just get yourself some invisibility and speed boost yourself and crush them all. Starting Length Hack


Just like in Agario, in Slitherio, mass, or, in this case, length, is everything. Even though I noticed that being small in Slitherio is much easier because you don’t care about losing and you can just try your luck with big players, you still need to get bigger. In Agario, the big players can’t be beaten, at least not easily, but in Slitherio, the biggest player on the map can be eaten by the smallest snake and that’s what makes it so fun. Still, being small doesn’t get you to the top of the leaderboard and it doesn’t give you the pleasure of surrounding someone and watch them desperately look for a way out until they don’t have a choice, but to crush into you. I know, this sounds a bit creepy, but when you start playing the game and someone circles you like that, it will be so frustrating that you will want to do that to someone just to get that anger out.

With the Slitherio mass boost hack, you will gain mass by eating food and other snakes, just like all other players, only much, much faster than them. It is always recommended that you activate this in the Slitherio Hack, unlike the speed feature which may backfire and cause you to crush into a snake almost immediately. Food Hack


The food feature is the hack is one of the best ones, because it will fill the map with food in random places, but it will only be accessible to you. You will be the only one to see it and take it. Other players will see only about 30% of the food that you will see. Moreover, they will just hover over the food by taking only what they would regularly take, not touching your Slitherio hack generated food. It will be all for yourself and together with the mass boost, you will get the biggest in no time. Believe me, just activate the hack with the food feature and the mass boost, and you won’t have to chase around snakes in order to get big. You will just take the food and steer clear of other snakes and watch yourself grow like crazy. It’s the safest and best way to the leaderboard. Zoom out hack


The zoom out Slitherio hack enables you to have a better point of view than your opponents As I’m sure we’ve already tried to cheat the game by zooming out the website (and failed ), I’m going to go ahead and tell you that the Slitherio hack overwrites the code that doesn’t let the website be zoomed out and more conveniently, it zooms it out for you. This way, you will be able to see around 50% more than your opponents, making it easier for you to predict bigger opponents’ actions and better determine your next strategy the direction you’re going in. God Mode


Sorry for the cheesy name, the mode is not actually that godlike, but it is pretty awesome. With the God mode feature of the Slitherio Hack, instead of losing when running into other players on the map, you will bounce off and go in the opposite direction. So, instead of having to be 100% focused and aware of your surroundings, you can let it go for a while and take a rest. You will bounce off of snakes and map edges until you return and see that your snake has gotten a lot bigger since you left it. This feature of the Slitherio Hack is good, but not that widely used. This is because, it’s too obvious and we want to stay under the radar for now. You can use it if you want, but even though we don’t know of anyone being banned, you might be, if you attract the attention of the wrong people.


What is the purpose of the hack and cheat?

Well it’s simple. In any game you want to play, you want to be the very best. If you are playing against your friends in slitherio. You want to use the slitherio hack in order to beat them. Even if you are playing against other players, you most likely do not want to lose. That is why your best option is to use our hack/cheat which is completely free!


Do I need to download this Slither hack?

No, not at all. The hack works directly from your browser and that is the only way our hack is going to work in the future too. We do not want to use our hack in any other way. The reason for that is because we truly care about our service and about our users. So we do not want to infect the hack users in any way.


How long does it take for the Slitherio hack to work?

It will take anywhere from 10-30 seconds depending on how many players are in the game currently. The speed of our hack also depends on the options you use, for example if you want a very bit snake and you put very high options in our hack you will have to wait for a while.


Is the hack completely free?

Yes, we don’t have any hidden fees whatsoever. This slitherio cheat is completely free for every user out there and any country you are visiting from.

Is the Slitherio cheat safe to use?

Absolutely! We highly care about the security of the people using the hack, and that means we update it regulary and make sure everything works perfectly. You should not have any worries about this cheat.

Will anyone know that I’m using a cheat in slitherio?

No, we have mentioned this before and we will mention it again. No one can know unless you tell people that you are using a cheat.

The cheat didn’t work, what should I do?

That can happen sometimes. All you need to do it get back on our page and try again!


This cheat can help you a lot in order to beat anyone in You can make videos and brag about it, show to your friends how big your snake has become and make them feel like losers. You can become the greatest player in the game and have your name in the top. If you are the person that gets fed up with everyone eating and surrounding them, then you should definitely use this cheat! After all, this game is for fun, however cheating makes it even better if you do it right. You don’t even have to overdo it. You can just start big, and then see where that heads you.

To truly get the best out of this slitherio cheat you really just have to experiment. You can use it as many times as you would like, however we recommend to use it max 5 times per day in order not to overload the servers.

There are many hacks out there, but this is the only one that works perfectly, or works at all. You can cheat incredibly easy without any trouble.

In the future we look forward to adding mods, skins and even improving this slitherio cheat for maximum performance!

Our hack is incredibly popular, and there’s a reason why. It’s being used by thousands of players on daily basis because they want to improve their snakes.
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The game has become quite popular lately and there are thousands of people of all ages playing it.
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Basically, the point of this game is to eat other players in other to become the biggest snake in the game. In all honesty, there’s not a better way to become the biggest/best in the game than using our slitherio hack.

You have definitely played that snake game as a kid. Where you eat food and your goal is to get your snake as big as you can without hitting yourself. However, with the game around, everything has changed. You don’t play alone/solo anymore, you play against many other players! Which is another reason why you should try this slitherio cheat of ours!

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So, to sum it up. If you want to break records like in the video shown below, than you should definitely try our hack which is completely free, and extremely easy to use!

As you can see, this guy is getting all the fame. His name is in the leaderboard and he is having lots of fun, in case you want to be in his place than try out our slither hack!